24 July 2011

Adhesive Storage

Many of you know how frustrating it is to get all the supplies together for your oh-so-inspired project that you've been looking forward to having time to work on forever, and low and behold, out of all those tubes of adhesive, not one will work!  Aaaargh!  Most of us keep an assortment on hand to have the proper one of the proper duty, hence they don't get used regularly.  Just a few pointers to prolong their expensive little lives!

Do not allow them to freeze - it alters the chemical properties in a "not-so-nice" way, just like paint.  Heat will ruin a few, but freezing will ruin nearly all, so tuck them in a temperature controlled corner.

Make as small an opening as possible on the tubes that have this option to allow less air entrance. Plug the hole with a tack, tiny screw you can twist out next time, or an aluminum (non-rusting) nail which reaches beyond the neck. Dip this plugged tube into your hot wax used for room scenting if available.

First use on "cements" could use a bit of olive oil or pan spray on the lid threads to both help seal out the air and hopefully aid the next opening.  Be sure to clean the bottle threads prior to closing so you don't seal yourself out!

Two part epoxy resins should be mixed with only a bit more than you anticipate needing (allowing for errors) because it's easier to pitch a little than hope it will wait while you mix more.  ALWAYS use disposable tray/surface and stick for mixing, such as a waxed cardboard surface cut to size.

Should you decide there is no way to get the remaining adhesive from the tube, before throwing it out, cut the center open to use what has not set yet if it is not accessible any other way, since it is a write-off.  May get the last project out of the tube after all intead of simply throwing it out.

Above everything, for the sake of organization and logic, seal all glues and adhesives (even glue sticks) in air tight bags or well sealed containers to minimize the ability to air set.  You may be very pleasantly surprised at how this one simple trick extends the life of these sometimes expensive supplies which most of us don't use on a daily basis!  I just liked being able to find the one I wanted in one place!

Common adhesives to have on hand:
Tacky Glue
Clear Silicone Sealant
Gorilla Girl Epoxy Gel
photo quality glue sticks
sticky dots
Modge Podge
wood glue
Fray Check
and many more to suit your particular crafts!

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