20 July 2011

Was that scrabbled or scrambled eggs?

Being this warm, I always opt for quick and simple meals that don't heat the house too much. When I got a text asking for a reminder of what I put in my "scrabbled" eggs I had to giggle.  That would be a good distinction since they are a bit different, but so well received that I am often asked how to make them. I consider them basic as I've done them this way for centuries (wink)!

In a bowl whisk together as many fresh eggs as you desire (I figure 2.5 per),
some milk to keep them from drying out and scorching too quickly,
a teaspoon or more of horseradish,
some diced up fresh onion,
a teaspoon or so of Worcestershire sauce,
some Mrs. Dash (yellow cap) or your personal blend of favorite spices,
cooked bacon or sausage crumbles,
and some pepper.
Heat a couple Tbls of butter (margarine has too much water to use well) in a full skillet on medium heat, pour in the egg blend and start moving the cooked base to the center until it has all been stirred through and well cooked. Turn off the heat, top with sliced Velveeta cheese spread and cover with a lid for it to melt through while you make the toast.    There you have your scrambled eggs on toast sandwiches. Naturally you can modify the basic recipe to suit yourself with peppers, jalapenos, fried cubed taters, ham cubes, different cheeses, and more.

Make extra if it's possible, because I've found that these roll into a flour burrito with a bit of salsa or nacho cheese sauce, wrapped in waxed paper twisted at the ends for later heating, and sealed in a zip bag in the freezer are a fast snack/meal  later as a breakfast burrito you can heat and run with.

Perhaps you can tell I got called away again today and by the time I grabbed my camera - gee, surprise, dead batteries! Not to worry, I have 2 sets charging now so should be rarin' to go tomorrow, um, maybe!?! So I decided to get this one of my favorite standby's in the kitchen listed. It's a great recipe for the guys to master too, since not real precise about measuring and timing.  Thanks for bearing with me on my slow start - we will get rolling real soon?! Happy day to you and yours.

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